This 2019 season is wearing long and warm cardigans

This season will rule high street stores, and although it is extremely bearable it is important to remember some basic rules for wearing this comfortable and effective fashionable piece.

1. Like all long stuff, extremely long cardigans are best suited to high-school girls

2. Lower girls can wear cardigans up to their knees, not longer

3. Girls with excess pounds below the cardigans should not wear sackcloth -shirts dark trousers or skirts, and an effective T-shirt or a flicker top with a V-cut will look great on the full figure

4. Always look at how the cardigan looks from the back. Although the first seems to cover up all the shortcomings, many materials and styles will point out a big butt and broad hips

5. Would you like to add feminine nuances to your styling and visually create a curve – choose asymmetric models of long cardigans

This grateful piece looks best with tight pants and shirt, but you can wear it with baggy jeans (if you’re tall and slender), a tight dress, a dress in grunge style, short trousers or a pencil skirt.

Do not wear long skirts on skirts to beneath knees or on wide skirts full circle.

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